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Defense of JP Holding (

Many atheists have no respect for Holding's arguments and the manner in which he addresses skeptics of Christianity. They often see him as a condescending, pompous, intellectually superficial person who has nothing better to do than to throw out ad-hominen attacks, and "profit from his ministry." Here is a TBT defense of JP Holding and his website against the harsh claims that have been made about Holding's approach to argumentation as well as some misunderstandings put against his personality.
The following are popular link articles that are specifically about JP Holding's website:

"Just paste that face on a few posters in the neighborhood, along with some writing samples. Maybe that will help pass you as one of Jerry's Kids."


Note that the term "Jerry's Kids" is used by Turkel as an insult. "Jerry's Kids" are children who are afflicted with muscular dystrophy, a fairly common disease that disables children at an early age and is often fatal at an early age



"By me, every day, every way, and his rear end has been scattered over more states than the Columbia wreckage."


The Columbia Space Shuttle disaster cost the lives of seven brave astronauts and was a national tragedy, yet Turkel uses the tragedy as the punchline in a joke.

"You repost them to make sure that the emotional impact on the irrational and gullible doesn't fade while I'm carving your guts out on the rational end. I got plenty of time, keep it up." 10/7/03


Note the use of the violent imagery, which is likely tied in to Turkel's view of himself as a holy warrior fighting for people's "souls."

TBT: How is this any different from saying "I'm going to beat you down in an argument with my intellectual fists"? Talk about figure of speech, for cryin' out loud.


Recently following Holding's legal name change (yep, that's right, his name was officially changed from Robert Turkel to JP Holding), I came across a contemporary and up-to-date article from the Skeptical Review:

Robert Turkel operates a Website for Christian apologists.  He bloviates under the pretentious pseudonym of James Patrick (J.P.) Holding. 
TBT: "Pretentious" pseudonym? A person's personality is the same as a person's pseudonym? That makes a ton of sense.
On or about July 16, 2007, Turkel made this fraud complete through a legal name change.  For reasons that are probably too painfully stupid for normal people to think about, Turkel supposes that we will all now bow from the ankles and refer to him as Jimbo Pat Holding.  Yeah, that'll happen.  No, it won't.  To us, he'll always be Robert Turkel: Fat-Assed Manbitch.
TBT: "Made this fraud complete"? A person is a fraud of they use a pseudonym? The name change was made because Holding was growing weary of the fact that his atheist and skeptic opponents would use that as an argument against him (as if it substituted an actual argument). The concept that JP changed his name legally so that due respect would be given is to miss the point entirely. Also, what does his weight have to do with his birth name?
Turkel's beliefs and opinions have a shelf life of eight years, so what he wrote above won't expire until April 14, 2014. 
TBT: Note: Tektonics Apologetics Ministry has been online for nearly a decade.
 No kidding, this guy is a cartoon character who came to life by some as-yet unexplained mechanism.  If you think his apologetics are completely worthless, just try holding him to his word of honor.
TBT: This link goes straight to an article by former Christian pastor Ferril Till, and involves much whining on why Holding won't provide links on some of his articles. People who get to know JP's style will recognize that despite the great amount of material he has written, he usually defers from citing some links as reference in the same manner Richard Dawkins is hesitant in debating Young-Earth Creationists.

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