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The Retard Response Squad
Despite web popularity, the RRS, known as the "Rational Response Squad" is not your typical write-about atheist group. Regardless, they have been a major topic of interest on my mind for a while, and they aren't special enough to avoid some negative criticism from my angle of perspective.
The Rational Response Squad consists of mostly teenage atheists who are out to "free humanity from the mind disorder known as theism", at least, so went their old traditional site-motto. According to general RRS philosophy, most if not all theists are to be considered "deluded" and or "irrational" (which would include the majority of the world and its factions). To help soften the blows and give more "fair" dues, the RRS does accredit theists with intelligence, at least to assure their audience that they don't have a personal bias against theists. Seeing as the RRS are tempting in the respect of producing parody comical material off of their website, I formulated the "Retard Response Squad" which was uploaded here on Tripod. As sort of expected, the RRS spy-rats would come in and report the website to Tripod management, which would then remove it under "Terms of Violation." Its certaintly ironic hypocricy coming from the RRS, as they have continually been bickering about the removal of YouTube videos countering pseudo-science teacher Kent Hovind with false "Copyright infringement" videos issued by "Creation Science Evangelism" or "CSEministry." Yes, even with the tragic removal of my parodical website, I can now say fully that the RRS are hypocrites with double-standards.
So why do I go so low as to give the RRS a deragatory name like the Retard Response Squad? Is it because I am speaking directly on behalf of their intelligence? Well yes, I have given them that nickname based on their intelligence, as well as their hypocricy, their pornography addictions, and for their intolerant views. Basically anything else you can throw into the hat which can be factually observed from this little gathering. Yes, the Retards are out on a limb to get rid of religion possibly within the next "30 years or however long it takes." 
Head/Co-Founder Brian Sapient
The head founder and the most recognizable face of the Squad is Brian Sapient. As of what I am aware of, Sapient recently uploaded his very own website, a blog where he essentially nicknames himself as a "Curer of Theism." The RRS may be obsessed in general, but Sapient is the one member of the group that is the most obsessed with god-belief, and he doesn't plan on stopping his "activism" until the day his reproductive organs become as hard as tissue paper. Sapient leads the RRS morale and establishes the certain mentality that theism is a mental illness of some sort. Able to gain support from his trustworthy transsexual playmate, Kelly, the couple believen that theism fits the critieria for a mental illness in such a way that it should be included within the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).
Rook Hawkins
Co Founder/Pseudo-Scholar
One of my most favorite and the stupidest of the RRS members goes by the name of "Rook Hawkins": The self-proclaimed "critical historian" as well as the Pimp Ultimato aka "ladies' man". Suprisingy, Hawkins is also a "former Christian" much to the same non-coincedential circumstances that are of Brian and Kelly, *gasp*! Well, to really go into detail, just listen to what Rook has to say about his deconversion :

That was interesting now wasn't it? Notice how Rook wanted to make sure his vast collection of books was visible to the camera while he was being filmed? Or, even when Rook made this statement:" the history of mankind, there has not been a book with so much rape, murder, incest, destruction, theft, lying, deceit."? Yep; according to Rook, the Bible not only has your typical objectionary material such as rape and murder, it also contains destruction (what kind of destruction?), incest (doesn't the Old Testament prohibit incest?) lying and deceit (a bit of redundancy if you will...unless you're John Loftus)  and most importantly, theft!
Well, we never said that Rook was truly that intelligent for reading a vast array of scholarly literature or for even managing to wade through a book like 'Greek for Dummies' and related titles published by the Wiley company.
And, as it goes, we are supposed to take Rook's anger as if he was sincere (which he definetly is) and as if he has critically analyzed and studied the Bible from all known angles (which he definelty hasn't).
Now of course a person of average intelligence would not take a person like Rook seriously, but once again, the world's people do not fail to let down on the expectations for symptoms of reveable gullibility (hence the popularity of the RRS group as a whole) and actually take his word for it as though he where an actual scholar of the field or a trusted authority like a college professor.
At first when I would notice the collection of photographs with Kelly standing right beside the famous "High Priest of atheism" Richard Dawkins, I presumed that Dawkins, despite being this great and distinguished professor at Oxford, willingly chose to associate himself with the RRS group. Meaning, that he condoned the RRS' "activism" which amount to nothing more than dishonesty, vitroilic commentaries towards opposing views, and, well, pornography. Such was not the case.
Recently there has been a great deal of 'hype' controversy over the RRS' actions towards the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason. As reported here, and on other websites (including atheist) the RRS was prohibited from getting further involved with Dawkins' organization. As such, Brian Sapient decided to stir up a nasty rumor involving the head manager (or whatever you would call it), a woman, and of course (you guessed it) the Dawkins man himself. The rumor was that Dawkins had been having an affair on his wife with this particular woman. And thus for whatever "rational" reason Sapient might have for creating falsehoods about the personal life of one of his beloved romodels, it goes to show how vindictively shallow the fat man is, and how psychologically imbalanced

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