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Muhammad Never Existed - Do you remember when you were told that Muhammad was a real person and really existed? If you believed it, then you were lied too and are ignorant of actual history. Prepare to be Enlightened, and if you are a Muslim believer, to have your beliefs challenged. This website proves that Muhammad never existed.
Buddha Never Existed - If you thought "Muhammad Never Existed" was educating, you will enjoy more educating freethought by reading up on the incredible strength and durability of the Buddha mythicist case. That's right ladies and gents, Buddha was just a myth, and this website proves it. - If you want to read up on some fantastic research from Christian apologetics, and to get some laughs at the humorous taunting of atheist quacks, this is a recommended place for you. WARNING: Strong atheists will hate this site with a passion, if you're a radical atheist, prepare for an intellectual beat -down.
James - This website is based off of Christian historian James Hannam who also possesses a degree in physics. It is also an expansion of his precedent website "Bede's Library", where he writes articles on history and various sciences. He also provides book reviews concerning the theist/atheist debate issue.
Debunking Crap Blog - Although our good friend John W. Loftus doesn't really need any help in demonstrating his stupidity, we decided to make a blog parody of his godawful site "Debunking Christianity" anyways. We figured we could always have a laugh or two writing reflective nonsensical babble just to make ourselves giddy with joy (and to upset John's gang of "Useful Idiots" as coined by the master term-coiner/parody concocter JP Holding).
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